Michael Meszaros

  • Principle Executive Fire Protection Engineer
  • M. Eng., P.Eng., C.P.

Michael Meszaros has over 27 years experience in the field of fire protection engineering, including 17 years at the City of Vancouver. He is the principal of the firm and the primary engineer on projects. He has provided building code analysis, alternative solutions and Certified Professional services for all types of projects ranging in size from 1 to 67-storey buildings. He provides smoke management modelling, combustion calculations, computer modelling of fire scenarios, and human behaviour in emergencies.

Kandiah Pavananthan

  • Senior Executive Engineer
  • P.Eng., CP

Kandiah Pavananthan has over 25 years of experience in applying Canadian building codes to projects in his capacity as Building Code Specialist and Manager in the Cities of Vancouver, Surrey, and Toronto. He provides life safety expertise, building code analysis and alternative solutions for Pioneer Engineering projects.

Jaden Yoo

  • Junior Engineer
  • E.I.T.

Jaden Yoo is a fire protection and building code engineer-in-training. He assists the senior engineers with code conformance and field reviews and the development of alternate solutions. He is also responsible for code-compliance drafting.

Alma Paragas

  • Junior Engineer
  • E.I.T.

Alma Paragas is a fire protection and building code engineer-in-training. She prepares code-compliance CAD drawings, coordinates and expedites permits in the Certified Professional program, and works with the engineers to write technical reports.

John Chow

  • Senior Building Code Technician
  • AScT

John Chow has been involved in the construction industry for over 30 years and has superintended projects that cost up to several million dollars. He provides shop drawing review and field services for certified professional projects.

Helen Low

  • Executive Assistant

Helen Low is the Executive Assistant to Mr. Michael Meszaros. She is responsible for various administrative duties, including but not limited to project tracking, project cost control, invoicing and accounting.